Friends and relatives,

Adam "Yellowbird " DeArmon, minister and medicine person of ONAC has been raided, arrested, and wrongly accused and needs our help in this critical moment. His companion, Tiffany Smith, also a minister and medicine person of ONAC, was visiting when this transpired and has also been included in all charges.

On February 2, 2021, local drug enforcement, armed with automatic weapons, violently raided Adam and his Native American Church: ONAC of ICSAW (International Center of Spiritual and Ancestral Wisdom, LLC), destroying his home, taking all his sacred medicines, stealing all of his money, and confiscating and destroying his entire industrial hemp farm, which was fully permitted under Arizona law (all permits were in plain sight at the time of the raid). Adam has been charged with 6-8 felonies for possession and distribution of plant medicines, despite being sanctioned under Federal Law as a Native American Church (NAC) minister. ONAC of ICSAW is a state and federally recognized NAC chapter.

Adam’s civil rights have been severely violated. Adam has also been left without the financial resources to defend himself. We must support them to protect their rights, and defend our First Amendment right to work with sacred sacraments.


Funds are needed to pay their lawyer, Charity Clark, to defend both Adam and Tiffany. Legal fees are estimated to exceed $50,000. We aim to raise at least $50,000 and any funds raised that exceed the legal fees will be used to help Adam recover from the vast destruction to his personal property and money that were stolen by the authorities.

Thank you so much for any amount you are able to contribute.