Standing Rock Support Winter Fund for Little Eagle Community

Standing Rock Winter Fund

Even though the water protection efforts have ended at Standing Rock, the Sioux people occupying the land of the reservation still face extreme winters and suffer year after year. ICSAW (the International Center for Spiritual and Ancestral Wisdom) is constructing a volunteer based project to help those whom most need it at Standing Rock.

ICSAW, volunteers, friends and co-sponsors-AmPray Solar are dedicated to bringing the local people food, fire wood and supplies through the winter to assist them as we will be starting the process of constructing adequate housing, building gardens and greenhouses to help plant original ancestral seeds and the local people sustain.

Our first focus will be in the Little Eagle community, whom hold the ancestral wisdom and teachings of Sitting Bull’s lineage.

Many native people have froze to death in years past and we are working to relocate elders and children in need for the winter to warmer climates.

It is our honor to help restore balance to these communities.

We ask you to help as much as you can by donating or joining us in our volunteer efforts this holiday season.

The first run of supplies will be delivered on Friday, December 21.

This fundraiser will be on-going, through the winter.

How you can help:

donating money to help with electricity and propane costs, firewood, new-never worn warm winter clothing including heavy winter coats, gloves, socks, warm blankets, chainsaws, gas cans with gas for the chainsaws to cut wood, generator, donating a running vehicle, supplies including shovels, hammers, nails, pitchforks, axes, healthy food staples, gift cards to Walmart.


Please send monetary donations to:

Please note specifically that it is for the Little Eagle Community in South Dakota.