Discovering the Seed of Our Spirit:

Transmissions from Arhuaco elder Calixto Suarez

Calixto Suarez

Please join us September 15-17, 2018 in Grass Valley & Berkeley, CA

As we enter the Equinox season, we welcome Calixto Suarez back to California from the Sierra Nevada mountains of Colombia!

These councils are a rare opportunity to sit with Calixto as he shares ancestral teachings & live transmissions about how to be at peace with ourselves through the Three Doorways of the Mind, the Heart, & our relationship with the Earth.

Learn more about the Land-Based Weekend Immersion Sept 15-16 in Grass Valley, the Evening of Teachings in Berkely, and Private Healing Sessions with Calixto in Oakland and Grass Valley.

Your registration will support Calixto to:

  • Share his teachings about cultivating inner peace with local communities
  • Raise awareness and funds for his vital Ancestral Land Recovery Mission
  • Connect with local Indigenous leaders to offer mutual support
  • Make spiritual payments and offerings at important local sacred sites in the Bay Area

Click tabs below to learn about & register for Events with Calixto

Land-based Weekend Immersion with Calixto Suarez in Grass Valley


Saturday, September 15 & Sunday, September 16


Grass Valley, CA at a gorgeous natural sanctuary

(address provided upon registration)

The Weekend Immersion includes:

* In-depth teachings and transmissions with Calixto
* Fireside Elders Council with Calixto & Lakota Grandfather Woableza
* Music for the Soul with Zapotec ceremonial musician Ernesto Olmos
* Sunrise prayers & meditation
* Arhuaco meditation & visualizations techniques
* Community meals & relaxation time

Saturday, September 15th Schedule:

12pm: Participants arrive
1pm: Opening Ceremony
1:30pm: Teachings and transmissions with Calixto
4pm: Swim & Relax
5pm: Potluck Community Dinner
7pm: Fireside Elders Council with Calixto & Lakota Grandfather Woableza

*Schedule subject to change*

Sunday, September 16th Schedule:

6:30am: Sunrise prayers & meditation
8am: Breakfast
10am: Morning teachings
12pm: Swim & Lunch
2pm: Afternoon teachings & Closing Ceremony
4pm: Participants depart

*Schedule subject to change*


*All indigenous relatives are invited to attend free of charge. Please email to register.*

Full Weekend Immersion with Camping ~ $125

Full Weekend Immersion without Camping ~ $100

Weekend Immersion Saturday only ~ $50

Weekend Immersion Sunday only ~ $50

An Evening of Teachings with Calixto Suarez in Berkeley

Date & Time:

Monday, September 17 from 6-9pm


Ohlone Herbal Center
1250 Addison Street, Suite G
Berkeley, CA

Map Link & Directions


6-6:30 pm:  Opening Ceremony with Zapotec musician Ernesto Olmos
6:30-8:30 pm:  Transmissions, Teachings, Q&A with Calixto
8:30–9 pm:  Closing Ceremony & Songs

*Schedule subject to change*


$20 online - Click button below to pay.
$25 at the door

*All indigenous relatives are invited to attend free of charge.*

Private Healing Session with Calixto Suarez 

Calixto will be offering a limited number of Private Healing Sessions during his visit. If you are interested in scheduling one for yourself, email for more information.

Session Time:

Up to 1 hour


Oakland or Grass Valley

(address provided upon registration)


$90 - Contribute

The length of private healing sessions varies from person to person, but they typically last up to an hour. This work is very intuitive — it is not physically involved, and verbal interaction may be minimal as well. As you will read below, Calixto will be working on a subtle and intricate level, and will continue to work with you after your session.

Below is a testimonial from Frances Fox, specialist In Alternative Medicine for the Mind.

"In February 2014 I asked God to get down here to answer some questions or to send a representative. The day I met Calixto the Arhuaco I knew instantly that either God had entered my home or he had listened and sent a representative! This testimonial is based on my experiences with them.The Arhuacos are traditional but they are not the traditional psychic. They have the ability to see the knots in your mind that are the basis for personality and trauma. They can see what is "broken" in people and are accomplished at starting the process of healing that which is broken, from past lives, to childhood etc. They do not speak much, and the sessions may be short as much of their work is done later in private through their ceremonies. You can ask for help with something in particular, or ask that they heal the most important knot they see in your mind. It is very rare to meet a spiritual being of this level as they generally do not leave their places of origin."

For questions, scheduling & registration, please email

Thank you.

Please contact Eva by email with questions. Thank you!

“For me, what matters most is that the lands are healthy, the water is pure, the air is free from viruses, and the human beings are at peace with themselves. This is my impulse and my intention: To speak of the importance of the sacred places, and of how sacred we are."   -- Calixto Suarez

Bringing Calixto here is a true community effort.

Please support his journey by making an offering to our fundraising campaign and sharing the campaign with your communities. Thank you!!


Calixto is here representing his Arhuaco people, along with their sister tribes the Kogui, Wiwa and Kankuamo, on a vital mission to recover the holy lands of their ancestral territory in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Santa Marta. Western occupation of the territory has forced the Arhuaco to relocate to the higher lands of the Sierras. This displacement has brought imbalance and disharmonies to their communities, the earth, and the planets. As the human family becomes increasingly disconnected from ourselves and our ancestral lands, this state of planetary discord is worsening. It is because of this that Calixto is on a mission to help us reconnect to ourselves…to our hearts, our minds, our spirits, and to the Earth. The people of the Sierra Nevada believe the health and future of our Mother Earth depends upon us ALL reclaiming our connection to our spirits and the Earth.