A Gathering With the Ancestral Knowledge on Health and Well-being of the Four Indigenous People that inhabit the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta




11th to 15th of September 2018

“The energy of our universe and Mother Earth calls upon us to reconnect as cultures, as brothers and sisters from different parts of the world; to exchange knowledge about life and well-being, to balance and harmonize ourselves in a single language of unity at “SEYKUN,” a sacred site where the forces and energies of fire and thought reside. We’re waiting for you.”

- Arhuaco Mamos


The Dawn of a New Time 2018 is

Co-Sponsored by ONAC of ICSAW


Elder Sponsorship for The Dawn Of A New Time

ICSAW is raising money to sponsor Elders and Youth from North & Central America to attend The Dawn Of A New Time. We would like to cover their travel expenses, accommodations, supplies and allow them to bring gifts to share.

Elders we hope to support/sponsor include Elder Grandma Laura Espanoza, Juan Gabriel, Ruben Sufki, Uqualla, Adam DeArmon, Cristable Garcia. Each sponsorship is $5000.

Laura Espinoza Cuadras • Mexico
Juan Gabriel Apaza Lonasco, Spiritual Elder • Peru
Ruben Monroe Saufkie SR • Arizona, United States
Uqualla • Spiritual Elder & Cultural Ambassador • Arizona, United States
Cristobal Cojtí García, Day Keeper of the Mayan Calendar and Cosmology
Adam DeArmon, Minister & Founder of International Center of Spiritual and Ancestral Wisdom (ICSAW)

Suggested Donation: $100

Any amount you can offer helps.

Please add a note to your donation that it is for Sponsoring Elders to attend The Dawn Of A New Time 2018.

The Mamos, the Sierra Nevada’s indigenous wise men, have lived on their lands with health and well being, in perfect harmony with nature. They have preserved this knowledge in their cultures for millennia, and now they want to share it with the world.

We invite you to spend five days with the Mamos from the four indigenous people that inhabit Santa Marta´s Sierra Nevada to talk, reflect, practice and celebrate Health, Human and Planetary well being.


“Cosmic energy and spiritual forces converge with the movement of the stars and plants to become the Law of Universal Life. On NIWI UMUKIN or Mother Earth, two moments mark the manifestation of this law: From January to June comes the period of renewal, the awakening of wisdom and period of germination when all beings are preparing to give life and bear fruit. Then, from June to December we have harvest time, a period of restitution to the Mother for all that she has given.


Spiritual brothers and sisters, let us be together to share the sacred time of restitution for all we have received as material, natural, spiritual and cosmic beings; our Father Sun and our Mother Earth are waiting for us in SEYKUN, a sacred space of positive forces and spiritual wisdom.”


- Arhuaco people, Santa Marta´s Sierra Nevada

This is a unique opportunity to share with some of the wisest and best preserved ancestral cultures in the world.


Frequently Asked Questions

In the following links you will find all the relevant information, please read it carefully, if you have doubts or suggestions send us an email to: or in the US
ICSAW is  Co-Sponsoring Elders and Youth From North America and central America and raising funding for food and supplies to Join The Dawn Of A New Time Event.


Santa Marta´s Sierra Nevada, located in the Colombian North Coast, is the highest coastal summit in the world and covers an area of ​​12.600kmt2.

Due to the variation in its geographical elevation, this area has almost all the climatic zones that can occur in tropical America, which is conducive to a wide range of biodiversity from the sea below to the snow peaks above. Four indigenous peoples live there, all with a similar vision of the world. They are the Arhuaco, Kogi, Wiwa and Kankuamo.

For these four indigenous peoples, the Sierra Nevada is where the wealth and sustenance of the spirit can be found; it’s the temple of the spirit and the soul. There are sites in the Sierra, which are energetically linked with other places in the world. These connections are essential in the keeping of the balance of our planet and the universe.

Santa Marta´s Sierra Nevada, is like the eldest human being of the world.

It is also the place where the spiritual father and mother of water, wind, fire and earth dwell.

Whenever there is disharmony in the Sierra Nevada, it’s because in other parts of the world the sacred sites are not being taken care of. For this reason it’s very important for the Mamos to keep the balance in other places of our planet.

The gathering, from Mamos’ Cosmological perspective, needs to take place in the Sierra Nevada because Creation was sparked with spiritual energy in this space.

This gathering has been called upon, based on this creation principle: that the sacred energy is calling us to get together and defend our right to live with health and wellbeing.

Stemming from that principle, the Mamos will open the door of spirit for the rest of the participants, so we can understand each other on this physical plane.

From the Mamos’ perspective all beings that exist in the universe, which are the manifestation of the sun, were originated in this space.


The gathering will be held in SEYKUN, a very important place for the Mamos, because it’s a sacred site where the strength and energy of fire and thought are concentrated.

Seykun is the place where the spiritual father of all natural phenomena that produce energy, such as thunder, lightning and fire, was established.

Seykun is located in the lower part of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, a 2-hour drive from the city of Valledupar, the capital of Cesar State. The access road is paved most of the way, but the last half hour is unpaved.


Our Event Coordinators are only responsible for the transportation of participants who arrive at the proper date and time with prior notice. We are not responsible for the transportation of people arriving on other dates or times.

STARTING DATE: September 11th 2018:

The meeting point is Casa Indigena (Indian House), Avenida Hurtado, Carrera 9  # 3 – 69, Barrio los Campanos, Valledupar, at 6AM. From there, participants will be taken by bus to Seykun.

END DATE: September 15th 2018:

The gathering will end after lunch. The buses will take participants back to Valledupar in the afternoon.

Participants need to be in Valledupar by the 10th of September, a day before the gathering starts, and will be back in Valledupar on the 15th of September at the end of the afternoon. We strongly recommend participants to book their flights out of Valledupar at least a day after the gathering ends.


The hosts of this gathering are the Arhuaco people. We will be staying for five days in one of their communities, where approximately 200 men, women and children live. We will have the company of around 90 Mamos, Sagas (Wise Women) and traditional authorities of the Arhuaco, Kogi, Wiwa and Kankuamo.

Mamos and Sagas want to share their vision and ancestral knowledge and ceremonies on health and well-being, their understanding of why we get sick and how we can recover our health, and the relationship that exists between harmony in nature and our health.

During the gathering, there will be various activities and ceremonies:

  • Opening and closing ceremony.The Elder Mamos, will
  • share their words and wisdom.
  • Ceremonies at sacred sites.
  • Traditional dances and songs.
  • Cultural exchange.
  • Formation of an alliance and establishment of commitments to maintain balance on mother earth.

It is important that participants know that this is not a luxury trip. Mamos and indigenous authorities of the Sierra Nevada have invited us to have an experience with them in their territory and according to their way of life.

In an extremely generous way they have opened their culture and spirit to us.

Their way of life is simple, based on a deep contact with nature, so we will be sharing this experience in the same manner, again, in conditions similar to their lifestyle.

It’s important to note that there are no luxuries. We guarantee a basic setup for a comfortable and safe stay that sits within the existing conditions in the Reservation. This means sleeping in tents, hammocks or on mats on the floor.

The community of Seykun is located 582 meters  (1909.45 feet) above sea level and has a temperature between 16 and 23 degrees Celsius (60.8 – 73.4 fahrenheit), in the day it can be hot and at night it can be cold.

There is electricity and running water in the village and participants will have access to shared toilets and showers.

The organizers request participants who come from abroad to have travel insurance.

We are confident that these conditions will make this event an unforgettable experience.


In 2011, the first version of the “Dawn of a New Time” was held in the Arhuaco community of Ikarwa, on that occasion given the climatic conditions of the site several foreign participants had difficulties with high temperatures and mosquitoes.

Taking this situation into account, this year’s gathering will take place in a completely different location at a higer altitude, surrounded by mountains, forests and rivers with a cool climate.  However, it is important to keep in mind that there may be insects, because we will be in an indigenous settlement, in the middle of a mountain.

During the event we will have three accommodation options:


These huts are built in stone, wood and earth, with thatched roofs, and each accommodates 4 people sleeping in hammocks. Participants who want this option must bring a sleeping bag. The event will provide the hammocks.









There is an option of staying in the classrooms of the school on mattresses on the floor. Each room can hold up to 8 people. Participants should bring sleeping bags and whatever elements they need for their comfort. The event will provide a mat and a mosquito net.



Participants can choose to camp. For this option it is required that they bring all the necessary camping equipment, including the tent.

If someone requires sleeping on a bed due to their age, or physical condition, please let us know in advance in order to respond to your requirements.

We will have a team of local people with experience taking care of meals during the gathering.

Food will be natural, balanced and prepared with love. Participants will have the possibility to taste typical dishes of the region.

Vegetarian meals are also available; please let us know in advance.

Those with especial requirements in their diets, we suggest you bring your own food, as we are not able to meet  specific demands.


Drinking water will be available in containers during the gathering. We recommend that each participant bring their thermos or personal bottle to be refilled to reduce the use of plastic bottles and disposable cups.

Comfortable and warm clothing
During the day the weather is warm. At night the temperature drops
The paths can be muddy so it is important to bring comfortable and waterproof shoes or boots.
Poncho or waterproof jacket (it can rain)
Flashlights with spare batteries
Mosquito repellent
Sun screen
Hat / cap (the sun may be strong during the daytime)
Sleeping bag
Sleeping Mat
Bathing suit
personal hygiene items (there are no stores !!!!)
Biodegradable soap and shampoo
Thermos for water.

Arhuaco bags will be for sale during the gathering, so bring colombian pesos

$1.050 (American dollars)

This value includes transportation between Valledupar and Seykun (gathering site), accommodation for 4 nights and food, excluding airfare to Valledupar and lodging or food in Valledupar.


DISCOUNT: 10 % for couples or family

The money collected will be used to cover the costs of the organization of the event, locative adjustments, logistics and the high costs of transporting and feeding about 200 indigenous people fom the Kogi, Arhuaco, Wiwa and Kankuamo. The remaining money will be delivered directly to the corresponding spiritual and traditional authorities, in order to support the processes of traditional education of children, which guarantee the cultural and spiritual permanence of these ancestral peoples.

Any additional donation that you would like to make after the gathering can be made through the Aluna foundation, which will deliver it to the traditional authorities of the indigenous peoples directly.

Participants must pay 50% of the gathering fee to reserve a place, registration deadline: July 1, 2018. This event has a limited spaces, the sooner you make your reservation, the greater the chance of securing your space.

Once the payment is made, please send us the scanned consignment receipt to, including your personal data.

Balance due by August 15, 2018. If you prefer, you can pay the entire cost of the event at the time of booking.

To complete the registration process the gathering fee must be paid in full.

To fill in the Registration Form please click on the following link:



NAME: Fundacion Aluna
BANK: Bancolombia
SAVINGS ACCOUNT: 8577 6772661
TELEPHONE: +57 6 3336175
CITY: Pereira
COUNTRY: Colombia

If you have any concerns with the registration process and payment please contact us by email: or call us at +57 313 6617732

Most international flights arrive in Bogota, from there participants should take a plane to the city of Valledupar.

In the following links you will find the airlines that travel from the Bogotá to Valledupar:

People can also travel to Santa Marta, a historical and touristic city on the Atlantic coast, and from there take a 4 hour bus ride to Valledupar.

Santa Marta is a good place to explore before or after the gathering. From there you can visit the Tayrona National Park, one of Colombia´s finest National Parks and enjoy forests, crystal clear rivers, an ancient Tayrona settlement  and exotic beaches.

Avianca and Latam also fly between Santa Marta and Bogotá.

The gathering includes accommodation for 4 nights in Seykun. Accommodation in Valledupar, before and after the gathering is  responsibility of each participant. The organization of the gathering is not responsible for these reservations.

Valledupar has a wide range of hotels for being an important tourist destination during it´s famous Vallenato festival.

In the following link you can find a wide variety of options for different tastes and budgets:


Videos from 2011 The Dawn of a New Time