Calixto Suarez Villafañe • Arhuaco Indian of the Sierra Nevada • Northern Colombia

Calixto Suarez Villafañe

İ was born in a very high part of the mountain, at 3000 meters over sea level. At the moment of my birth İ was not physically well, İ had problems and illnesses, for this reason my mother thought ‘this one has no future’ and left me to my grandmothers care. My grandmother who was a sobandera masseuse solved my physical problem. After four years my mothers brother married and İ went to live with them as the only elder son. İt was then that I started being trained with the elders: with them İ came to understand and comprehend life in general, I learnt about the four worlds, about the earth and the universe.

Personally İ had a very strong sensory perception but İ was very shy. For this reason many times I stayed alone in the mountain, cultıvating corn and other species. The elders told me about he living beings, nature and the sacred points, which today I call energy points, where the Mamos did their payments ın order to harmonize. There are many sacred points throughout the Arhuaco territory, and this is how İ began to understand that one single point had to do with everything and that the others only have to do with one thing. The Mamos say that the snowy mountain is like the heart of the earth. Then İ began to analize why it might be the heart. My conclusion was that the sacred points that are there are connected with other sacred points of the planet. And that they are part of a network which is connected to the universe.

Nowadays I spend most of my time traveling, learning of the different cultures of the world, traditions and states. Always as an investigation: to see, to feel the invisible strength of the sacred places of the planet, because they are everywhere. And İ have been dedicated to mankind an energy exchange at those places. And at the same time I have traveled giving talks, conferences to all people: children, adolescents, adults, associations, foundations, institutions other cultures, religions, politics and spiritual masters.

For me, what matters the most is that the lands are healthy, the water is pure, the wind is free from viruses and the human beings are at peace with themselves. This is my impulse and my intention: to speak of the importance of the sacred places and of how sacred we are.