Toe ~ Brugmansia ~ Medicinal Salve


1 oz. Medicinal Salve

Organic Ingredients: Brugmansia Flower of Ecuador, Raw Cacao Butter, Cold-pressed Sunflower Oil

Toe has been traditionally used for calming nerves, clearing skin & soothing pain. Handcrafted over a sacred fire in ancestral clay pottery from Columbia.

For external use only. Store in a cool, dark place.



These magical trees grow native to the rainforests of Central & South America, especially common throughout the Andes mountains, & are easily identifiable. Growing up to twelve feet tall, the trees are decorated with big trumpet- shaped flowers of a light pink color that droop downward to the Earth. Brugmansia, Pink Angel’s Trumpet, or Toe, as the flowers are commonly called, have a powerful fragrance that is emitted at dusk and lasts throughout the night until the early morning. Nocturnal moths and bats, being attracted to the powerfully alluring scent, have grown accustomed to pollinating the blooms.

As a sacred plant, too many indigenous people, Toe has an ancient history of traditional folklore & usage. Toe is still known as a sacrament, that has been used to communicate with ancestral spirits of the forest, to heal various illnesses, & for divination of the future and finding lost objects. The flowers have traditionally been used to a make an intoxicating tea that could be administered to children with behavioral issues, as initiation into adulthood, and for shamans who would merge with the spiritual realm for specific purposes.

Taken topically as a salve, Toe can be used to reduce pain and inflammation.

Caution is advised with this very potent plant medicine- a little goes a long way. Please take with caution & great care. Toe contains toxic alkaloids & must only be applied topically in small doses. It is possible that even when used topically, an induced state of euphoria or severe drowsiness may occur. Avoid driving a vehicle or operating machinery.

This Toe herbal salve was handcrafted over a sacred fire in ancestral black clay pottery from Columbia. During the extraction process, temperatures had never exceeded 120 degrees in order to protect the medicinal properties of the plant, as well as the vitamins & minerals of the oils. All parts of the Toe flowers have been purposefully added to the salve & are naturally concentrated at the bottom of each jar. By doing so, we hope to offer the wholeness of the plant for deeper connection with the plant spirit. This plant medicine was handcrafted with a prayer for fruitful intentions, love to be shared, and peace for all to be well.

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Weight 1 oz
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