Hemp ~ Cannabis Medicinal Salve


2 oz. Medicinal Salve

Hemp has been traditionally used for calming nerves, clearing skin & soothing pain. Handcrafted over a sacred fire in ancestral clay pottery from Columbia. Store in a cool, dark place.



Nearly every continent of the Earth has now had contact with Hemp, or Cannabis (Cannabis sativa), as if the plant grew like a “weed”. From humanity’s migrations, the plant’s seeds have spread from the likely ancestral origin- the Himalaya mountains of Asia. Om… and worthy of praise for bestowing blessings, Cannabis, with three virtues to serve humankind- fiber, food, and for medicine! Shall we never plunge into darkness again… What though, is keeping the gold treasure from beneath the dragons’ lair? Now, the plan for humanity must be earnestly reviewed… Compassionately, the people are collectively rising to the occasion to demand free use of this ancestral medicine. Worldly legislatures, who had a long time ago banned the plant and criminalized those who “possessed” Cannabis, have been loosening up the reigns to allow for growing, handling, and consuming of the plant. Yet, still remaining are the mixed receptions amongst modern-day indigenous communities and our current global community, only because of “uncertain” political or religious agendas that claim the plant’s ability to alter the human mind state (reminder to all: what doesn’t affect that?) and by doing so, is a harm to society. These centuries of repression and condemnation are, gradually, being left behind for a new faith in Cannabis as an important tool for our current times of global environmental and humanitarian crisis. The rising of the decriminalization movement is coming from desperation, as the survival of people, and our planet, are reliant upon a Godsend. As it is with the free use of Cannabis- one of the most pivotal acts of our modern era.

Hemp has been, historically, a synonym for Cannabis. Nevertheless, governments are now classifying Hemp as a different plant, or substance, other than Cannabis in an attempt to regulate and allow for the free use of the plant. The legal determination has to do with how much of the varying naturally occurring quantity of the chemical constituent, THC, is contained within the plant. THC, as it is proclaimed, is what is responsible for the mind- altering affect, within Cannabis sativa. At this historical moment, we are told that a Cannabis sativa plant, or any substance created from that plant, that has been tested to contains below 0.3 % THC is technically referred to as “Hemp.” These are said to be without any mind- altering affect and can be used legally by anyone. On the other side of this legal ruling, all the Cannabis sativa plants, and substances created from those plants, that have been tested to contain above 0.3 % THC are to be referred to as “Cannabis.”

Hemp has been bred to contain high amounts of the naturally occurring chemical constituent CBD. This one component of the plant has been receiving a lot of attention. So much so, that many products that are made from Hemp, nowadays, are extracts of only CBD, and are without the hundreds of other components that may be contained within the Hemp plant. Without going into much detail on the reasons why this may not be so desired, we will just say that Hemp has many constituents that are to be desired for their value in plant medicine.


Hemp is genetically alike to its ancestral lineage of Cannabis from the Himalayas. The plant is sacred and has traditionally been used by indigenous tribes as a sacrament for healing various illnesses of body, mind, and spirit. The plant medicine has been traditionally used to help with aches & pain, anxiety & depression, as well as traumatic and psychological ailments.

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