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How You Can Help Us

"As indigenous peoples, our commitment and responsibility is to take care of human beings and the world. Our goal is to recover the lands within the limits of ancestral territory, because they are holy places, so important for mankind."

ICSAW relies on your financial contributions and angel donors to provide the material support needed to offer services food supplies and helping indigenous peoples and there communities. Contributions will be brought directly to the indigenous peoples to educate there children and keep the original instructions of there ancestors alive.

ONAC of ICSAW Native American Church is a charitable religious organization. Your financial contributions are tax deductible.

“The time has come for the people from the outside to understand, without wrongful translations, what is our view of the territory and why the violations to our Law of Origin are so serious.”

Urgent Appeal For Support the Community

Please help us support the Arhuaco and Kogi Indigenous Peoples of Sierra Nevada from Columbia. They are recovering from a month of fires in the Spring of 2018. Hundreds of Crespo and Ikarwa families were affected.

These funds will help restore their agriculture lands for food, animals and homes. This will be a year long effort to support our Indigenous peoples.

Make a one time donation of any amount.

Email us to make a monthly contribution.

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